Basic Dog Training Class

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This complete program is a wonderful addition for all dog owners. It includes training for skills that all dogs need from a puppy to an adult dog.
What you will get:

  • 1 YEAR of access to all the training materials.
  • Simple 4 week course addressing the most common training issues.  Each week a NEW section will open.
  • Progressions of each skill to make training easy and fun.
  • Videos demonstrating “how to” train each skill.
  • Points to remember handouts each week to simplify your training.
  • Training Logs to help you be more successful and organized when training your dog.
  • Specific problems addressed each week such as potty training, barking on walks, greeting people politely, etc.
  • Use one or all the training tips, skills  and suggestions in this program.
A few years ago, I lost a wonderful dog and teammate, Rip.  The relationship between Rip and I is what I want you to be able to experience with your dog.
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