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Nosework curriculam


Listed below is our upcoming NoseWork class program.  Great selection of 3 – 6 week classes with homework.

This will be great for anyone that wants to train OR teach Nosework

IMG_2271aNosework Foundation

The sport of K9 Nose Work is designed to develop a dog’s natural ability to find specific scents.  This detection-style sport centers around a dog’s keen sense of smell and the handler’s observation and handling skills.  Dogwood’s Nosework Foundation class focuses on teaching handlers and their dogs the basic concepts of searching for scent, proper use of equipment including handling of the scents, setting up hides and other skills needed to build a successful nosework team.  Furthermore, Dogwood’s Nosework Foundation class uses a dog’s desire to hunt and their love of toys, food, and exercise to find the scent making searching for scents fun for your dog.  Although the searches vary in difficulty, they are tailored for each dog’s abilities and learning capacity.  Hides are only as difficult as a dog can handle so that the dog receives frequent rewards for their success.  Unlike other nose work programs, scent is introduced right away by itself and is not paired with food.  In the experience of the Dogwood instructors, this approach reduces the dog’s confusion at the higher competitive levels when food is used as a distraction.  Dogwood’s Nosework classes are geared toward AKC and UKC competitions, and are designed for ALL dogs and handlers regardless of the dog’s previous training or age.

Nosework Foundation 6 week class curriculum w/homework handouts


riker test nw Nosework: Beyond Foundation 

Once Dogwood’s Nosework Foundation Class is completed, you and your dog are ready to expand your nosework skills. “The Nosework: Beyond Foundation” class not only continues building your and your dog’s nosework skill on containers but also expands the type of container to include jars, pots, purses, backpacks, etc. Each new “container” is added in different quantities not only to address the requirements of both AKC and UKC but also to maintain a high success rate for your dog. Nosework teams also learn and practice additional new skills needed for interior, exterior, and vehicle hides while beginning to work on high and low hides. Low hide puzzles will be designed as a precursor to the AKC’ s buried element.

Nosework Beyond Foundation 6 week class curriculum w/homework handouts


riker test nw Nosework: Expand the possibilities

This class  is geared for teams who are getting ready to trial either in UKC or AKC at any level beyond Novice as well as anyone with previous Nosework experience. Sessions will be designed as specific problem solving challenges as well as a way to continue improving Handler skills.

Some of the challenges will be covered in this class are:
– Threshold hides
– Corner hides
– Building distance between you and the dog – learn to effectively use your long line
– Learn how to handle off-lead searches effectively
– Proofing and generalization
– Helping dogs develop clear alert for high hides they cannot reach
– Beginning of buried searches (AKC element)

Nosework: Expand the possibilities 6 week class curriculum w/homework handouts