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What our students are saying about Dogwood!


Saturday, November 09, 2013
Subject: “What would Dogwood do?”

Your student Robyn loves ball fetch, travels like a bullet! But she would NEVER relinquish the ball after bringing it back. We tried various commands like “drop it'” , or whatever words we could come up with but the ball stayed in her mouth. Even tried taking it out, but she wouldn’t give it up. Too hard!!

Today I had a break through…..what would Dogwood do???

I decided Dogwood would offer a treat to drop it at my feet. Tried it ONCE!! From that point on she flies to retrieve and bring it back to my feet. Again and again!! Fun for all. Thank you, Dogwood. I know it was you!!

Anne Alberts


July 22, 2013
DeNise and Sandra,

I just wanted to send a quick THANK YOU for all of the spot-on coaching and support that you two provided this weekend. I learned so much from watching as well as participating. I am thrilled to be a part of such a great team who truly wants everyone to do their best. Most of all, thanks for making it FUN!

See you Tuesday evening.

Leslie Ann Billings


Feb 19, 2013

Last night my dog and I attended our first basic obedience class. I was very impressed with the facility. The training area is just beautifully maintained. I also was very impressed with the quality of instruction. The class was organized from the moment we walked in the door. This is our fourth attempt at obedience training for my dog. I really liked the way the instructors keep the class moving. Neither Tally, my dog, nor I like to be idle and that was never a problem last night. There was always instruction going on. We look forward to coming to class in the weeks to come. Thanks for such a professional approach to dog obedience.

Brenda Weitzel and Tally

Feb 15, 2013

Tracie, Christy, Amy & Kathy,

Ozzy and I thank you for a great course. Not only did we learn a lot, but had a good time as well.

Again, thank you for your attention shown to my Jack Russell ‘Terrorist’.  After completing three courses at Dogwood,  I now have my resident Dr Oz at home.

Linda Caldwell




I just wanted to pass on my thanks to you and your trainers for a fantastic Basic Dog training class that ended last night. Your team did a great job in training Charlie, and my wife and I. During the class not only did  the instructors clearly demonstrate their great skills but also spent time individually with us so that it felt more like personal tuition rather than a group class.

You have a wonderful facility and we will be returning shortly for additional classes and will certainly recommend Dogwood to our friends, neighbors and anybody else who will listen.
Thank you so much

Daren, Kim + “Charlie” Glenister


Luke the Lab


I wanted to send a quick update about Luke, my yellow Labrador. (We have class there on Thursdays at 7pm). He is the one with those quirky social issues and growls at strangers. Well, this class is simply amazing and what I learned this first week has far outdone what I tried learning from youtube or random websites about training for the past two years. Luke is now amazing walking on the leash for the first time ever! The training collar has worked wonders, and now my boyfriend, Jonathan, and I can walk our two huge labs through the neighborhood without any problems of being dragged everywhere! They both stick right by our sides. It almost brought tears to my eyes when they walked next to us like it was no big deal. 🙂

I thoroughly read the book that Tracie had given me about “The Cautious Canine” and put one of the practices to good use last night! We were walking around twilight, and all of a sudden a small dog runs up to Luke, while the owner, a tall loud man, began yelling very angrily to his dog. I could feel Luke become very nervous and he immediately began growling as the dog came running in his direction. Well, I remembered what that book had said, so I put him in a sit position, started rubbing his chest, gave him little treats, and started telling him how good he was in a happy and calm sing-song manner. All of this together made him just sit there and watch the dog and the man come up to us instead of barking and growling and trying to get free!!! Incredible. Jonathan and I were smiling ear to ear, and we walked the rest of the way home with our dogs more proud than we’d ever been.

I am SO glad I enrolled Luke in this class to get him better before his nervousness turns into something physical. I appreciate your patience with us and your advice. It is like gold.

See y’all tomorrow!

Lisa Morgan



Dogwood Ladies,

I just wanted to thank you all for insisting over and over we practice the “come” command. I always walk Rosie with her purple collar on (because it has her tags) and also a training collar. Well this morning I was in a hurry and obviously did not secure her training collar all the way. Sure enough, at an intersection she lunged, trying to get to a kid on a scooter, and her training collar snapped off. She was standing in the middle of the intersection barking her fool head off trying to get enough courage to go up to this kid when I yelled sharply “Rosie come!” She immediately came flying toward me and while didn’t sit like she does in class — she did come close enough I could grab her collar and make her sit. I re-attached her training collar correctly and we resumed our walk (with my heart furiously beating of course). Your insistence on training with that command saved Rosie from possibly: gettting hit by a car, running away and getting lost, or a negative interaction with that child. So thank you!!!!

See you Monday night for graduation!

Marie Kilian and Rosie


Zena, A.K.C. Canine Good Citizen,

August 28, 2008


To Tracie, Sheryl, Babette and Linda-

It is with great pride that I announce Zena has earned her American Kennel Club title of Canine Good Citizen. She was such a good girl and tried so hard to please! This is an important step for her in being an ambassador for her breed and an example of what these fine dogs are supposed to be given a fair chance in life.

Thank you so much for paving the way for Zena’s success in earing her Canine Good Citizen title. I really appreciate Dogwood and the superior trainers! You all are kind, supportive and exceedingly positive to both handler and the dog, making training fun and a great experience.

Zena, not a warrior, but my precious princess who I love with all my heart


Photography by Jack Opatrny, Houston



I finally figured it out. I found Spices button. I have always praised her when she does well, but her button is overly excited praise. I make a biggest deal out of the littlest things the last few days and she is doing commands much better. Almost like a light has clicked and said oh she thinks thats cool wait untill I do it the next time. I have to tell you both THANK YOU so much for what you do. I love my dogs with all my heart, but man do you make it even better. I think the classes I have been taking with you guys and Spice has made my life more fun then it has ever been…

Thank you!

Heather Ferry



Dear Friends,

This is a picture of Matthew and his new best friend Pippi. I can’t explain how far we’ve come because of this puppy. One of the things most difficult to do with Autistic children is to have them bond with something outside of their immediate focus. Pippi, has made Matthew pay attention to her. For a 3 month old puppy, she doesn’t bark around him, she senses that he doesn’t like it. Matthew has no speech but can say…pi pi pi…which sounds like Pippi. The puppy comes from an extremely long line of Championship Aussies all very versatile and highly accredited. Pippi’s grandfather is the great “Bandit” whose progeny has titled in every venue of an Aussies life. Her sire. Champion Warner, is not only a Show Champion both AKC and CKC but a Trial Champion Stock dog and works every day with the Manuels on their ranch in Montana. We are blessed that Judie Manuel saw fit to allow us to have Pippi as a gift to our boy Matthew. Pippi will be trained under the guidance of Debbie Quigley at Dogwood Training facility and mentored into the service/companion that will help our Matthew live a more productive life. God Bless every one interested in this project. I can’t tell you how my heart soared when Matthew and Pippi and I took a walk yesterday and Matthew held her lead all the way around the block. God Blesses us in various ways..and Australian Shepherds are bringing life to our family. Thanks

Jim and Cathy MacKrell




I’d like to commend you on a very well run facility. We moved here 2 years ago from Bellingham, Washington. I have been searching for a training facility such as yours that entire time. (my internet search skills are not that great or I might have found you earlier) During the Tomball DogFest this year I was told about Dogwood. I contacted your office and was told the class (basic obedience) was full but I could go on a waiting list. Imagine my surprise when your staff phoned me a few days later to tell me that George and I had a spot due to a cancellation. The class was run extremely well. I felt all the instructors were very qualified and answered all my questions. We live in Sealy so our drive is 49 miles one way but your professional classes are well worth the drive by a long shot. I think Jan Nuzzo, Kathy Spenser and Bonnie Crews and Haley are the best. Thank you for having such an outstanding facility. I look forward to continuing George’s training at Dogwood. We signed up for the next class which begins January 31 so we’ll see you then.

I do wish you were closer to Sealy as there are many folks out this way who are always asking about “good” trainers but aren’t willing or can not make the long drive.

Thank you again and see you next year.

Kathleen Laughlin and George