Rally/Obedience Competition

Rally / Obedience Competition

FUN AKC Rally Courses

Do you need some practice running Rally courses? If so join us for this special 2-week class that will focus on Rally Courses. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE A CURRENT DOGWOOD STUDENT TO JOIN THE CLASS. The class will run for 2-hours each night for a total of 4 hours. Each week students will have available two (2) Novice level and two (2) Adv/Excel level courses. We will do walk thrus at 7:00; change courses between 8:00-8:15 and then walk thrus again at 8:15. Instructors will be happy to answer questions about signs on the course and provide input, however this course IS NOT designed to teach you all of the signs or the skills needed to perform the signs. The class provides the opportunity to get some ring-type experience running courses.


NOTE: The Dogwood Competition Foundations – FUNdamentals series and the Rally/Beg Novice monthly class teach the signs and the skills needed to perform the signs. Prerequisites – Knowledge of the AKC Rally signs and the skills to perform the signs.


Class costs $45 and will run for 2 weeks for two hours each week. Register online  or call with questions: (713) 849-9115

Rally/Beg – Novice Obedience

easyheelingThis class teaches the skills necessary to perform the Rally Novice Advanced/Excellent signs and the skills needed for the Beginning Novice obedience class.  As skills are introduced in class, we will link the skill to rally signs and/or Beginning Novice exercises.  Students will learn how to properly perform the sign/exercise; how the sign/exercise is scored; and the steps required to train each skill or behavior.  Instruction will be centered on teaching all students to use game play and reinforcement to create a willing partner that is able execute skills in a confident, focused, and animated manner.


Skills needed to enter this class:  To enter this class, teams need to be able to perform a short straight line heeling sequence with attention and focus, have entry level knowledge of turns including hindquarter rotation for dog to maintain position, foundations of a front and finish although these skills may not be integrated, have a reliable recall, sit stay, and sphinx down. 


Prerequisite: Competition Foundation classes or Evaluation.


Classes cost $70 and are On-Going for one hour each week.  Register online or call with questions: (713) 849-9115

Novice Obedience

competition_noviceThis class will help you polish the skills required to show in Novice obedience. This class includes proofing for heeling and working on the various heeling maneuvers such as circle left, circle right, moving down, moving sit, figure-8, serpentines, pivots, etc. The class includes the skills for all Novice obedience exercises including Heeling, Figure-8, Stand for Exam, Recall, fronts and finishes, etc. During class we will review ring procedure and once a month we will have a Beginning Novice course to allow you to actually practice the skills.  


Prerequisite: Rally/Pre-Novice Obedience


Classes cost $70 per month and are on-going for one hour each week.  Register online or call with questions: (713) 849-9115


Open/Utility Obedience

competition_utilsmThis class will proof and perfect, the exercises needed for students to earn their CDX (Open Obedience classes) and/or their UD (Utility Obedience Classes).  This class is also appropriate for those students currently working on higher level titles such as the UDX, OTCH.  Open exercises will include: Retrieve on the flat, Retrieve over the high jump, Drop on Recall, Broad Jump, Off- Leash heeling and out of site stays.  Utility exercises will include: Signals, moving stand, directed jumping (including the go out), directed retrieve (gloves), and scent discrimination (articles).  In addition, we will review ring procedure and proof all exercises.


Equipment needed for this class:  Students need to have a dumbbell, gloves, articles, and a set of obedience jumps for home training.


Classes cost $70 per month and are on-going for one hour each week.  Register online or call with questions: (713) 849-9115