Class Information and Policies

Please visit the class section that interests you under the “Classes” menu.  There you will find more detailed information about classes and policies. Then fill out our Online Form to register for the class and we will confirm it by email.

If you have questions about how to Choose a dog Trainer or School, please see the article titled “Choosing a Dog Trainer“.

Dogwood’s courses are constantly being updated and the Dogwood’s Instructors attend continuing education courses each year. We are actively involved in a variety of dog sports  including Obedience Trials, Conformation, Tracking, Agility, Nosework, Flyball, Hunting Retriever Tests, Herding Trials and Field Trials.  The staff have earned many titles and awards in the dog sports. The Dogwood staff are looking forward to helping you train your dog.

In order to provide quality instruction, pre-enrollment is required. Students are accepted on a “first-come, first serve ” basis and classes usually fill early.  There are no refunds if a class is marked as “FULL” or once the class has begun.  If the staff feel that a class is not appropriate for a dog or a dog is aggressive, we will suggest alternate training. There are no refunds.

Class Enrollment:  To enroll in a class, please complete the on-line enrollment application form.  Upon receipt of your enrollment form, we will email you to confirm your place in the class. Once you are enrolled in the class please send us Class fees and a copy of your dog’s current vaccination certificate for Rabies and any other shots per your vet’s shot protocol (this is for your dog’s protection). You can mail these records, along with your check or money order to the address above. Post-dated checks are not accepted and checks are usually held until the week BEFORE class starts.  If you use PayPal, don’t forget to send us a copy of your dog’s Rabies certificate and records of other shots.

Once a class fills or starts, there are no refunds. If you register for a class and find that you are unable to attend it, please let us know as soon as possible so that another applicant can take your place in the class. If we can fill your spot in the class, your enrollment will be canceled.

Attendance:  Students must attend more than half of the classes in order to successfully complete class per-requisites for higher level classes. In order to receive a graduation certificate,  you must attend the last week of class.

We do not allow students to make up a missed class because this may over crowd a class and impact the working time for the other students. You can talk to your instructor about a private lesson to make up the missed class. There is an additional fee for private lessons.


Any class with no specific “start” or “end” date is considered a monthly or on-going class. Tuition for all monthly classes is due no later than the 10th of each month. If you are dropping a monthly class, please let us know before the 10th of the month. Otherwise fees are still due for that month. The tuition fee is based upon a “four week month”, one handler per dog, one dog per handler, and one dog per class. If you want an exception to this policy, please email Debby Quigley and your instructor. If an exception is granted, there will be an additional fee and rules pertaining to working additional dogs in a class.

Class fees for all monthly classes are due on the 1st of each month. Class fees for all monthly classes are due on the 1st of each month. If you are dropping or adding a monthly class, please let us know BEFORE the 1st of the month. Otherwise you will still be enrolled in the class and fees are still due for that month. If class is cancelled during a month due to a holiday, inclement weather, a national or local disaster or emergency, all students are still required to pay the entire monthly tuition fee.