Why Do Obedience?

Why Do Obedience?

Dogs, by nature, are pack animals and will look to you – the leader of the pack – for guidance. In addition to providing your dog with structure and boundaries, training will help your dog understand how to abide by the rules of your household and become a companion you will truly enjoy.

Aside from enabling your dog to live contentedly as a companion animal, training can help to bring out the best in your dog. With training, your dog will become increasingly more self confident and amiable to your wishes. While you work with your dog, you will build rapport. The increased rapport between you and your dog will help lay a good foundation for training in a multitude of competition venues such as agility, obedience, freestyle, and conformation. By training your dog, you will increase the probability he will be successful in whatever setting you decide to have your dog show off his talents!


  • He sits when told to do so a will not jump on guests.
  • He knows you are in charge and will not take over the house.
  • He comes when called and does not bark incessantly.
  • He does not pull on the leash and walk you!
  • He only chews on items that are his toys.
  • He will not chase other dogs, cats, cars or people.
  • He will be able to successfully participate in competitive events such as obedience, tracking, agility, conformation, and other activities!

Happy Training ~