What is an OTCH?

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OTCH stands for Obedience Trial Champion, the ultimate obedience title.

An OTCH requires three wins; one coming from the Open B class, one from Utility B class and the third from either class. 100 points also must be accumulated from the two classes. The points are earned by placing first through forth in Open and Utility. Number of points earned is determined by the number of exhibitors in the class. To achieve an OTCH, it takes years of hard training and team work between the dog and the handler.

Dogwood's OTCh's

-Peggy Garic and OTCh HobNob Feature Presentation UDX2 OM5 RN TD


-Patricia Jones and OTCH MACH Dal-Rhe River Run Irreplaceable VCD3 UDX2 OM4 RAE TDX SH MXG MJS XF CGC CCA WCX VCX OBHF ADHF


-Patricia Jones and OTCH MACH2 Sunfire's Making Tracks VCD3 UDX3 OM8 RAE TDX MH MXS MJG XF CGC CCA WCX VCX OBHF ADHF


-Betty Barnes and OTCH Winddance Black Avenger, UDX4, AX, AXJ


-Patricia Jones and OTCH MACH Goldenloch Force Ten VCD2 RAE SH WCX OBHF ADHF


-Ann McGuire and OTCH U-UD Vintage Timeless Raindrop UDX2 TD SH AX OAJ WCX OBHF


-Debby Quigley and OTCH Easy Did It UD PT TD


-Randy Edwards and Ch. OTCH Poquito's Chile Rio Grande, UDX, SH, OA


-Janet Barber and OTCH First in Line UDX, OA,, OAJ, U-CDX


-Peggy Garic and Ch OTCh Royalwood Extravert v Legend, UDX2, ROM


-Debby Quigley and OTCH MACH Easy Did It UD TD PT MX MXJ OJP NAP RE


-Sandra Marr and CH OTCH Winsome Mavrk Copper Eclipse, UDX WDX AX OAJ


-Pat Jones and OTCH Sunfire's Undeniable TDX MH OAJ AX WCX


-Debby Quigley and OTCH Tejas Just One More Time UDX TD NAJ


-Jane Simmons-Moake and OTCH ADCH Flashpaws Hollywood Hotshot UDX, MX, MXJ, BDA-CD


-Barbra Cecil and MACH, NATCH, U-OCH, OTCH Aerien Cadaga Bocca Baciata UD, TD, MAD, MX, MXJ, RM,SM, JM, RS-E, JS-E, GS-E


-Sally Campbell and OTCH U-OCH Hannah of RoyNell, UDX, ASCA CD, FDCH, JHD, CGC


-Bonny Baker and OTCH Tanbark's Blond Bombshell UDX


-Ann McGuire and U-OCH OTCH Aurum's Vintage Vixen UDX TDX SH WCX VCX CGC


-Peggy Garic and CH OTCH Datelis Got The Hots Alisaton, UDX, AX, ROM, CGC


-Janell Copas and OTCH U-CDX Dixie D. Copas UDX, AX, AXJ


-Debby Quigley and Ch OTCh Tystar Easy Does It UDX TD PT OA NAJ


-Debby Quigley and OTCH UUD Shoreland's Kandu Too UDX TD JH


-Pat Jones and OTCH Bargello's Ten on the Richter UDX2 TDX MH WCX HRCH U-CD