Debby's Dogs

(Debby Quigley is the head trainer of Dogwood Dog Training)

I have been so fortunate to have had some really awesome dogs.


Oelamp's Make it so Number One OA, OJ, Nosework Novice, Advanced, Superior

Riker turns 1 year old ---

riker 3

Riker LOVES his toys and food!



Patriot's Single Shot AX AXJ





Sly is an up and comer. He is fun to train and LOVES to work!



Here is Slyder's latest AKC JWW ExB run. This was a 1st in Jumpers class with a 21.9 second time.

MACH PACH 2 Patriot's RQ Ready Aim and Fire MX MXJ RN
Born on the 4th of July
Rip is an awesome pet and partner. He is game for anything and everything!
Great News, on February 19, 2010, Rip finished his MACH with two first places.
Rip enjoys Obedience and Rally as well.
He loves to run and work in Agility.


Ditto has been a wonderful companion and partner. He is full of willingness to please and although sometimes the willingness gets him into trouble, he always tries his hardest.
Ditto was my First OTCH MACH and worked very hard to follow in his father’s, "Easy" CH OTCH Tystar's Easy Does It, TD, PT, footsteps. Ditto now runs happily on the agility field since his obedience career ended in 2005.



OTCH Tejas Just One More Time UDTD


otch_smsoloHe was a very gifted puppy - always walking on obstacles instead of climbing over them - but he has yet to tackle his agility career! I started tracking with Solo at the age of 7 weeks and he was certified at 6 months and earned his TD at 7 months. Solo was the first dog that I used a clicker with and we concentrated on attention for the first year, then gradually built his foundation for competition. In Novice, Solo placed first in every trial with several High in Trials. At the Pupperoni Classic in Houston, Solo placed 1st in the Novice Division with only 1/2 point off in each of his three runs. He went on to win High in Trial on Sunday after a marathon of run-offs with Jane Jackson's wonderful Labrador. To avoid competition with his house-mate Easy ("Easy" CH OTCH Tystar's Easy Does It, TD, PT), Solo showed only 4 times in Open - beating Easy for HIT in one of those trials. Solo finished Utility in five shows then took some time off to polish while Easy finished his career. I think Solo knew he had some big paws to fill. He finished his OTCH in nine shows with a number of High in Trials. He went on to win the Utility Division at the World Series in Detroit and competed at the last Classic in Kentucky.

Solo never disappointed me - he tried so hard and his enthusiasm is unbeatable!! Ditto, my youngest Border Collie, had have a tough act to follow !!



CH OTCH Tystar's Easy Does It, TD, PT

"Easy" CH OTCH Tystar's Easy Does It, TD, PT

Easy earned his first title, a TD in Tracking, at seven months old. He began his obedience career with multiple High in Trials in Novice and a placement in Novice at the Regional in New Orleans. He went on to earn his CDX also with multiple High in Trial Awards. Easy earned his breed Championship and Utility title on the same weekend and attained his OTCH in the next eight shows. Easy was second runner-up at the AKC Invitational two years in a row (1998, 1999) and in 1999 placed second in Super Dog Division at the Regional in Jackson, MS.
In AKC National Obedience Rankings, Easy was the #3 Border Collie in 1997 and the #1 Border Collie in 1999. In 1998, he was ranked #5 overall Easy has earned numerous High in Trial and High Combined Awards as well as six 200 scores. In 1999, Easy earned his first AKC Herding Title as well as his first agility legs with placements in both agility classes at the Border Collie Nationals. Easy officially retired at the age of ten. He placed three times at the AKC invitational Obedience  Tournaments, ended up with 15 perfect 200 scores, and won many new friends and followers along the way!


Along with Easy's many other accomplishments, he has sired 6 beautiful puppies who are following in their father's pawprints with breed Championship and herding, agility, tracking and obedience titles as well as a flyball championship!!


OTCH Shoreland's Kandu Too TD JH UDX
3/1990 - 9/2005

Du, you always did!
du6Du was a wonderful friend and partner. When I contacted his breeder many years ago, I told her that I wanted a dog that could do it all. Well, she sent me exactly what i was looking for, the perfect match for me. Du earned his Tracking title at 9 months. He was my first dog to earn a Utility dog title as well as OTCH and the perfect 200 score. He even ended his long career winning 1st in Vetern's class with a 200 at 12 years of age. We also enjoyed freestyle competition, and won partners competition at 11 years  of age with partners Carolyn Scott and Rookie