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Please fill out an ON-LINE ENROLLMENT FORM and a trainer will get back to you with times.


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Taking private lessons is easy, saves you time and money.

Arrange the number of lessons, meet with a trainer, and GET your PROBLEMS fixed.

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Puppy and Basic Obedience

companion_training_freedom Start your relationship with your dog off on the right “paw”!

Private One-on-One lessons provide an opportunity for customized instruction tailored specifically to the particular needs of a dog and handler(s).

One-on-One sessions can focus on Puppy and Dog basic obedience training. Other sessions address basic obedience and specific issues that dogs and owners are experiencing. Among these are the dog becoming reactive when it sees people or other dogs on walks, the dog pulling or dragging handler on walks, the dog guarding family members, the dog becoming overly aggressive in play sessions, the dog not responding to the owner’s commands, etc..

Basic obedience training sessions teach a dog owner how to give commands, how to get consistent results after just one command and how to reward effort. Training is motivational and reward based. Lessons usually last about 60 minutes. The first lesson of a series is usually a bit longer and consists of a short evaluation of skills/issues and instruction. Lessons are followed up with a written session report that summarize some basic training concepts, what was covered in the lesson, how it was done and advice on how to prepare for the next session. Skills needed: No previous skills required

Puppy and Basic Obedience

Please fill out an ON-LINE ENROLLMENT FORM and a trainer will get back to you with to arrange times.

Payment for privates are due upon scheduling.


Purchase 1 Private Lesson $150.00

Purchase 2 Private Lessons $280.00